East-European Shepherd

About breed

The advantages of East-European Shepherd (EES, VEO, Russian Shepherd) is - natural endurance and easy adaptation to different conditions to life and work. They are don't finicky and requiring no special care. Smart, easy to train. This dog can running in the army, police, custom, and also can be your protector. With East-European Shepherd you can do sports professionally or just jogging and do together your morning exercises. EES can be a companion to you, kind and faithful friend. Also they can be a successful nanny and help to lead the blind or an innate distrust of to stranger, making it an excellent guard.

East-European Shepherd harmoniously folded, beautiful dog above average growth, strong dry type of constitution, rectangular format, correct anatomy and free movement. They are smart, with a balanced character and easily trained.

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Junior Champion of Breed,
Junior Champion of Ukraine,
Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine

Pedigree, large, with good bone and excellent anatomy, confident dog. He has an excellent parentage, brave character. He came from the kennel - "Style Byelogorye" where the dog have the right type of east-european shepherd, which is confirmed by estimates of experts, and a good working quality.

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Junior Champion of Ukraine
Champion of Ukraine

Acquired in Moscow in one of the leading kennel of Russia "VEO ROSS". Yara
origins from working dogs used in the school of blind conductors - by father, and the dogs working in OMON structures - through the maternal line. Pedigree, with a good temperament and a great character.

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3* Champion of Ukraine

Brought from St. Petersburg from producers famous kennel "Severnaya Zastava." Pedigree, has an excellent temperament, easily trained and perfect character.

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